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 When I think of Beautiful Hair, I am taken to a place that is stunning yet relaxed, such as the shores of South Florida. To me, Nature is the ultimate creator of beauty, geometry and inspiration, yet it unfolds effortlessly in its delivery. 

I wanted to start off my approach to hair in a simple elemental way. Salt minerals and enzymes interacting with each other are the building blocks of hair chemistry. Light illuminates and defines space and color. These are then formulated on the free flowing fabric of hair. So I see that Salt and Light are inextricably woven into the birth of life. Two powerful forces that meet by the sea such as Salt + Light have a dynamic effect in this lush landscape of evolving color, flora and fauna.  So naturally SALT + LIGHT STUDIO became a starting point for me to jump off into my world of artistry… My world where Elements in Nature meet the Fine Arts of Hair Design. 

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